Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brendon Moeller's Midnight Radio (Part 2)

So I would hope by now you've all read the comprehensive and, if I may so myself, fascinating interview with Brendon Moeller posted last week, called Capturing The Spirit.  If not, well... it's long, but it's worth it.  Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whiskey, sit down, and read the honest and heartfelt thoughts of one of techno's most talented artists.

Of course, it seems like not many electronic music related editorials come without something to hear attached to them, and Moeller's got us covered for that too.  The interview featured the first part of the Midnight Radio podcast, a sprawling exploration of what inspires Moeller or simply tickles his fancy, from late night guitar strumming to explosive shoegaze to dingy post-punk to balearic soundscapes, and beyond from there.  If you can imagine the edges blurring between the tracks -- as they sometimes do in the headier sections -- you can almost see the hazy, undefined lines of Moeller's dubby techno begin to form, and you can certainly see how Moeller isn't your regular "dub techno" producer, but rather a conoisseur of music who manages to mix disparate ingredients into one hell of a seamless whole.  Links to both parts of the podcast below.

PARTS 1 & 2

1. a certain ratio - abracadubra
2. 23 skidoo - lock groove
3. air france - introduction
4. fluxion - field ll
5. deerhunter - earthquake
6. broadcast - microtonics 06
7. dirty three - three mile creek
8. moondog - streetscene
9. robyn hitchcock - pit of souls (country version)
10. atlas - let the blind lead those who can see
11. calla - pete the killer
12. flying saucer attack - oceans
13. ethiopiques 4 - instrumentals - asmarina
14. cluster - hollywood
15. rhythm & sound - roll off
16. african head charge - elastic dance
17. mogwai - white noise
18. lalo schiffrin - danube incident
19. scott walker - the big hurt

1. flash & the pan - walking in the rain
2. butthole surfers - space II
3. max richter - maria - the poet (1913)
4. bill callahan - Jim Cain
5. high llamas - hiball nova scotia
6. tom trago - flourgreen fag
7.  colin newman - dont bring reminders
8. dan deacon - paddling ghost
9.  tom waits - goin out west
10.  dabyre - how many times (with this)
11.  detroit escalator company - ghana
12.  model 500 - milky way
13.  tones on tail - lions
14.  spiritualized - pure phase
15.  king midas sound - outta space
16.  gas - pop 1

Moeller's Subterranean album as Echologist is out now on his own Steadfast Records, don't hestiate to check it out, it's an amazing journey (and it really lives up to such a hackneyed phrase, really).

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