Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Downliners Sekt: Lorem Ipsum

If you didn't know from my glowingly positive reviews or my lengthy interview feature on FACT, I am a devotee of the Downliners Sekt.  Despite being pretty close with the duo-sometimes-trio-sometimes-conglomerate, I still don't know all that much about them, but I like that.  We all need a bit of mystery in our lives, and who better to explore the "seedy underbelly of the industrial age" than a bunch of hooded spacemen?  They did an amazing 40-odd-minute mix of all originals for Electronic Explorations, which is probably the best way into their sound if you're for whatever reason afraid of diving into their freely-available EPs, and as an outtake from the sessions that produced that material they've given me a free, brand new track to share!  What better way to commemorate over 500 twitter followers?

Lorem Ipsum: Staggered, slamming beats that seem to come together in split seconds like thunderclaps; tense, airless atmosphere; oppressive blackness interrupted only by the reflective qualities of chrome; disorienting polyrhythms; out-of-nowhere bouts of acoustic guitar splintering their way through the metal.  All the hallmarks of what might be considered archetypal Downliners Sekt, which is 2011-speak for really fucking great.  Download now.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The late hours of the city night: [nakedlunch]'s twilight trawls through the bad parts of town

[nakedlunch] is one of the more mysterious and quite frankly fascinating labels to emerge in the post-structural era of 'bass music.'  The Irish imprint sets itself apart not through exclusive signings or big, hyped-up releases but rather through an uncompromising aesthetic that lies dormant in each stunning record.  The sound of [nakedlunch] is definitively nocturnal, somnambulant, bloodshot, and edgy; there's a profound restlessness at the heart of each twelve, where the most aggressive and masculinized moments are treated with crippling paralysis or the prettiest moments are coloured by a sense of cornering, overwhelming dread.  The label's aesthetic and forward-looking ideology is explored in an interview and exclusive mix full of unreleased material from the label's owner, Micky.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deep Teknologi: The New House Sound of London

I've been big on Deep Teknologi for a while.  After choosing them (a house record, yes) for my short-lived bass music monthly column's inaugural record of the month, I've been following them as closely as possible, and their gradual rise seems to be just that -- perpetually on the rise.  What or who is Deep Teknologi, you ask?  A London-based duo of producers helming a larger label crew who push a tough, clever, and ruffnecked house style with the kind of LDN influences you might expect: garage an' all that.  I called them "UK to the bone" last year, a statement that I have trouble bettering to this day, despite the fact they've now brought a German duo into their fold.  As a collective unit, they push a diverse and multifarious sound that quakes with the experimental potentialism of contemporary UK dance music but nailed down with the cool, assured lope of traditional house music both American and European.  The best way to talk about their sound is to talk about the producers themselves, so read after the jump for a quick breakdown of who they are and why they matter, as well as an exclusive mix from Deep Tek mastermind S.E.F.